foxy lady

 Cropped fox sweater, bebe. Jersey maxi skirt, Asos. Denim jacket, Old Navy. Heels, Aldo. Bag, Coach. Jewelry, Tiffany & Co.

My boo took me for a drive on a Friday afternoon and by pure fluke we found a great conservation area on our way. What initially was meant to be a stopover to take a few shots for the blog turned into a full expedition that my heels did not appreciate! In addition to the usual rough terrain one finds on a nature hike, we were also faced with ice and muddy areas, however the view of the frozen lake was priceless when we got there! Although it doesn’t look like it, it was actually pretty warm and the sun even made a few appearances. And yes, I did get stopped by a random passerby who asked if my shoes were comfortable for the journey. Comfortable, yes. Appropriate, no.
Have a wonderful week!

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