Coloured Checkers


Top, Mendocino. Jeans, Forever 21. Shoes, Nike. Sunglasses, Ray Ban.
Second-last outfit from the roadtrip featuring my all time favourite checkered shirt. I love the vibrant colours in this one as it gives a lot of versatility because of all the colours in the mix. I didn’t quite do it justice here as I was restricted by my environment, but I was lucky enough to find a pair of kicks in my closet with pink accents, close enough. I borrowed my boyfriend’s shades because I left mine in the car, and needless to say they were a little bit too big for me cause every time I put my head down they were falling off my face (hence pic # 2) however we both felt like they completed the outfit. The rocks we had to scale along this “rocky beach” were absolutely treacherous and I am so glad that on this outing I chose to wear proper shoes or else I would have guaranteed myself a broken ankle. Note to self: Redeem this shirt in another post with how I would typically wear it under normal circumstances.
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