Jacket, Miss London from Winners. Hoodie, RocaWear. Concert Tee. Yellow tee, Winners. Jeans, Hollister. Shoes, Steve Madden. Shades, Ray Ban.

Initially I wasn’t going to post this look as there is really nothing special about it, but then I got thinking…essentially this is a personal style blog. And as such, whether boring or not at the end of the day, it is my style. Having said all that, whenever I am lazy or just don’t feel like dressing up, I fall back on my uniform: denim skinnies, concert tee and a colour layer underneath. This one features an old Coldplay tee.

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13 Replies to “Yellow”

  1. I disagree-I think there is something special about the look 🙂 My fave is the pops of colour from the t-shirt, and I love that your wearing a band t-shirt to make it your own!

  2. I agree that it's often difficult to decide what to post on blogs but I think you look lovely! Sometimes my shoots are a little too stylised and don't truly reflect my every day style so I love that you have captured the essence of your day-today style too. 🙂

    Sending love and sunshine from Australia,

    Mandy xx

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