Spring Shift

Dress, Zara. Jacket, Old Navy. Bag, Marc Jacobs. Boots, Winners.

Would you believe me if I told you more snow fell? I barely got to enjoy seeing grass on my lawn for 2 days before I woke up to yet another white coating…in the middle of April! …Moving on to the outfit. I am wearing a shift dress from Zara, but you can’t tell because I had to cover it up with a denim jacket. It was so cold that I wasn’t even willing to take it off for a minute to snap a photo! But I guess the denim does add a bit of life to the monotony of the basic colour scheme.

Have a lovely weekend!

25 Replies to “Spring Shift”

  1. When I read what you said about your weather I thought..Damn, and I'm complaining! :))
    Here's better.. still not what I'd like, but yeah 🙂

    I really like your jeans jacket! I think it's a must in every wardrobe 🙂


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