Ovest Cucina e Vineria

Some photos from the Pre-Tiff Event at Ovest Cucina e Vineria from last week.

The ambiance at Ovest was very warm and inviting, and the interior decor gave the impression you were within a winery.

The food selection for the event was splendid and consisted of: Roasted Porchetta and Herns, Roasted Ribeye, Crostini with Ricotta Cheese and Tomato, Smoked Swordfish Carpaccio bites, Italian meatballs, Caprese Skewers, Risotto Radicchio and Barolo Wine, and Ovest’s specialty pizza.

Ovest’s specialty cocktails for the night were Mojitos, Greey Goose Spritz, and Cherry Soda.


Ovest Cucina e Vineria, 788 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V

The event made for a wonderful evening, a special thank you to Ovest and M2N Communications for having us be a part of the night.

All images credited to Nuscreen Inc.  

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  1. What for an event! This place looks great and the food too – I love rrostini, ricotta cheese and I loove tomatoes! I also love risotto! And pizza! So I really would like to go to this place!

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