Blonde Hair Care with Klorane’s Chamomile Range

Klorane Blonde Highlights with chamomile range

I first discovered Klorane quite a few years ago while on a hunt to find a non-toxic dry shampoo. Klorane was the best match at the time and I have used their dry shampoo religiously ever since. While I have introduced only one other dry shampoo into my lineup, Klorane continues to be a favourite on an almost daily basis. In fact, I usually buy four bottles at a time ensuring I always have stock on hand as I am not sure I could survive without this product

Being been bedridden the past couple of weeks I hadn’t been able to get to my hairdresser and my roots have gotten out of control. (While I am a natural blonde, my colour has always been a bit too dark for my liking so I usually add lighter blonde to it…when I’m not playing around with bold colours that is). Right around this time I had the opportunity to try Klorane’s new Blond Highlights with Chamomile range through some PR samples and I figured this would be the best time to do it.

As a kid I remember my mom telling me that chamomile can be used to naturally lighten the hair so this range makes all the sense in the world. Chamomile contains a yellow pigment that attaches to the hair to naturally brighten blonde hair (natural or dyed) and to reveal highlights of light brown hair.

Klorane Blonde Highlights with chamomile

Washing my hair was reminiscent of drinking herbal tea and it made me feel like I was doing something good for my hair. After the first wash and conditioning I noticed that my dull blonde had more life to it. The blonde colour was more vibrant. I have different shades of blonde in my hair and I feel like after a few washes the shampoo and conditioner enhanced each different shade creating more bolder highlights than I had previously.

The chamomile range comes with a leave-in highlighting spray that can be used to create highlights, an ombre look or overall lightening. For me, the shampoo and conditioner did the trick to revive my blonde throughout so I targeted my roots with the leave-in spray. After a few uses of the spray (concentrated only at my roots) I noticed a subtle golden highlight start to form over my dark roots. Subtle, yet good enough to blend out my dark roots so that they no longer appear like embarrassingly grown out roots.

Now mind you, the colour difference is still noticeable (as no leave in spray could turn light brown hair into an almost platinum) but my roots blend into my dyed hair in a very natural way that doesn’t look like badly grown out roots. Plus there are extra overall golden highlights that just seem to mask the mess of grown out hair. In any case, I’m happy enough with the result that I don’t need to call up my hairdresser just yet.

Klorane Blonde Highlights with chamomile

A tip for when using the leave-in spray. I found that the spray dries a little hard (think hair gel) so I have been putting it in my hair the night before a morning wash. Now this might work in your favour if you use it to set your hair in an edgy hairstyle, in which case use it after you’ve washed your hair.

Have you tried this range? Would love to hear about it, or of course if you have any questions about any of the products, do let me know and I’d be happy to answer them.


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