Living In The Moment

living in the moment - saks off 5th peasant skirt

Well, 2018 did not start off in the way I had hoped with regards to the blog. By now I should have been writing my third or fourth blog post but instead I’ve been struggling with this one for the last few days. This time around it’s not so much because of the ever competing work/blog balance. Or even the frigid temperatures. Mostly it’s because of a shift in where I’ve decided to spend my free time – and now caught up in the struggle to return to norm.

The truth is I went into the Holiday season with an aggressive blog task list and ended up doing NONE of it. Yes, you heard right, none of it. Continue reading “Living In The Moment”

Velvet New Years Eve Dress and 2017 Reflections

velvet new years eve dress with blush pink faux fur stole

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is New Years eve. Yet as I glance at my velvet new years eve dress I realize another year has passed. As always, time flies to quickly yet with that I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Certain aspects of my life have become stagnant, and I look forward to them blossoming in the coming year. Continue reading “Velvet New Years Eve Dress and 2017 Reflections”

Velvet, Pink Fur and How to Salvage Bad Outfit Photos

Velvet, Pink Fur and How to Salvage Bad Outfit Photos

Ever get really excited to take outfit photos only to be met with completely undesirable conditions working against you when shooting? If you’re fortunate enough to reschedule that is always an option but sometimes that moment is all you have. That is exactly what happened to use when we went to Niagara on the Lake a few weeks ago for a little getaway. We went to unwind for a few days and while blogging activities were not priority I did still want to shoot some of my outfits. Winter and early sunsets of course made it difficult as most times we didn’t surface from our hotel room until well after dark. Continue reading “Velvet, Pink Fur and How to Salvage Bad Outfit Photos”

Dress Up A Basic Outfit with a Scarf

grey vest with pockets and over the knee boots

And another season of layering is upon us. Layering for warmth provides a great opportunity to play around with different patterns and textures. Take this outfit for example. I kept the colour scheme pretty neutral staying in a grey and white colour palette. Although in its simplicity was quite the mix of textures. A wool vest layered over a basic white ribbed knit worn with white jeans and suede over the knee boots. But texture alone wasn’t quite enough to take the mundane out of this outfit. In this post I’ll show you how to dress up a basic outfit with a scarf. Continue reading “Dress Up A Basic Outfit with a Scarf”