Holiday Gift Giving on a Budget

Holiday Gift Giving on a Budget with Dixie Outlet Mall

As I sit here and write this post I counted that it’s 43 days until Christmas. Now if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t want to hear that. Believe me neither do I. But every. single. year. I tell myself that I will NOT get caught up in a last minute hustle to buy gifts…and sure enough, there I am doing the mad scramble days before hoping I manage to get everything on time.

Every year the hubby and I say we’re going to start our holiday shopping at the beginning of November…well, it’s mid November now and I can’t say I’ve stored up a single thing. But, the good news is that I’ve been working with Dixie Outlet Mall on a fun little Holiday gift giving on a budget project and hopefully this post helps you out not only on timely holiday shopping, but especially if you’re working with a tight budget. Continue reading “Holiday Gift Giving on a Budget”

Marcelle Revival + Skin Renewal Launch

Marcelle Revival + Skin Renewal

A few weeks ago I attended the Marcelle Revival + Skin Renewal launch event and got to leave home with samples from the new line. As someone in their early 30’s I am no stranger to the importance of taking care of one’s skin preventatively in order to combat the onset of signs of aging. Years ago I was advised by a nurse who was well versed on skincare that one shouldn’t wait for the onset of fine lines and wrinkles to start an anti-aging regiment. Everything she said made sense as I had already begun to notice a degradation of elasticity, firmness and most noticeably of all – hydration, so further prevention seemed like a great idea.  Continue reading “Marcelle Revival + Skin Renewal Launch”

Blonde Hair Care with Klorane’s Chamomile Range

Klorane Blonde Highlights with chamomile range

I first discovered Klorane quite a few years ago while on a hunt to find a non-toxic dry shampoo. Klorane was the best match at the time and I have used their dry shampoo religiously ever since. While I have introduced only one other dry shampoo into my lineup, Klorane continues to be a favourite on an almost daily basis. In fact, I usually buy four bottles at a time ensuring I always have stock on hand as I am not sure I could survive without this productContinue reading “Blonde Hair Care with Klorane’s Chamomile Range”

Transitioning Beauty and Skincare from Summer to Fall

Transitioning Beauty and Skincare from Summer to Fall

With the Fall season almost in full swing and winter just around the corner, us Canadian gals need to up our beauty routines to adapt to the harsh(er) climate. While I wish I lived in California and could avoid winter altogether – I don’t. So I just gotta suck it up and prepare as best as I can.

In this post I’ve rounded up a few of my current faves for transitioning beauty and skincare from summer to fall. So…grab a PSL, sit back and have a read.

Continue reading “Transitioning Beauty and Skincare from Summer to Fall”