How Blogging Helped Me Cope with Winter

how blogging helped me cope with winter

One thing I’ve never been shy about over the years was expressing just how much I loathed winter. But over the course of the last few years, not only would I say that I stopped hating on winter, but I’ve also somewhat come to – dare I say it, enjoy winter? Yes, it’s true. I’ve come to see the beauty behind this somewhat horrendous season. And it’s almost hard to believe how blogging helped me cope with winter. Continue reading “How Blogging Helped Me Cope with Winter”

When Fashion Consumes the Meaning of Band Tees

when fashion consumes the meaning of band tees

Will I ever tire of Iron Maiden band tees? Likely not. In fact, if anything, I’m working to expand my ever growing collection. Because I only buy band tees at concerts I need these guys to do a couple more tours so that I can add a few more  designs to my arsenal of Iron Maiden band tees.

Now, I can’t help but notice a lot of people wearing Iron Maiden shirts lately. Whenever I see that I’m always curious if the people wearing them are actually fans of Iron Maiden or not? If you can’t recite a lyric of said album that is being represented on your shirt, then why wear it? Continue reading “When Fashion Consumes the Meaning of Band Tees”

Why Cute Maxi Skirts Are Great for Winter Wear

Why Cute Maxi Skirts Are Great for Winter Wear

Ah, good ol’ Canadian winters. At best they’re frigid, at worst we’re living in a constant snowstorm. And dressing cute in the winter ain’t easy. As much as you may want to wear your mini skirt with over the knee boots, sometimes it’s just too damn cold. Well what if you have to go somewhere and you don’t necessarily want to look like a hobo either? Enter the maxi skirt. My new best friend for the cold winter months. While they are perfect for that transitional spring/fall weather, maxi skirts are great for winter when worn right.  Continue reading “Why Cute Maxi Skirts Are Great for Winter Wear”

Living In The Moment

living in the moment - saks off 5th peasant skirt

Well, 2018 did not start off in the way I had hoped with regards to the blog. By now I should have been writing my third or fourth blog post but instead I’ve been struggling with this one for the last few days. This time around it’s not so much because of the ever competing work/blog balance. Or even the frigid temperatures. Mostly it’s because of a shift in where I’ve decided to spend my free time – and now caught up in the struggle to return to norm.

The truth is I went into the Holiday season with an aggressive blog task list and ended up doing NONE of it. Yes, you heard right, none of it. Continue reading “Living In The Moment”