When Fashion Consumes the Meaning of Band Tees

when fashion consumes the meaning of band tees

Will I ever tire of Iron Maiden band tees? Likely not. In fact, if anything, I’m working to expand my ever growing collection. Because I only buy band tees at concerts I need these guys to do a couple more tours so that I can add a few more  designs to my arsenal of Iron Maiden band tees.

Now, I can’t help but notice a lot of people wearing Iron Maiden shirts lately. Whenever I see that I’m always curious if the people wearing them are actually fans of Iron Maiden or not? If you can’t recite a lyric of said album that is being represented on your shirt, then why wear it? Continue reading “When Fashion Consumes the Meaning of Band Tees”

The Number of the Beast

Iron Maiden concert tee. Biker jacket, skirt, Zara. Sunnies, Gucci. Boots, Dollhouse. Clutch, Dior. Ring, Samantha Wills.

I’ve been collecting concert tee’s for some time now and I’ve amassed quite the collection over the years. I make it a point to only buy them when at concerts, and at times I’ve had to cut myself off after seeing the same band multiple times. But I love them, and I’d wear them with anything if I could. Which leads me to a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for some time now…

I struggle when I can’t be myself (at work for example) and oftentimes find myself wondering if I’m the only one that feels that way. I see others who seemingly have no issues wearing “work appropriate” clothing, yet I loathe every minute of when I’m not me. The Clark Kent/Superman routine after work is getting tiring and sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m an artist (true to the typical stereotype) and if that is why I find this limitation such an infringement of my BEING. (As I express myself visually). Do any of you struggle with having to conform to someone else’s idea of what one should wear? Whether it be work attire or school uniforms I think that one of the most important things about being who you are is being able to express it, or having the freedom to do so. When our ability to express ourselves is limited, it hinders our passion drives and makes for a miserable environment. That being said, I completely understand it would not be appropriate for me to walk into work looking like this – so maybe I should be at home instead, sitting on my floor in a band tee with over the knee socks, brush in hand over a canvas, Iron Maiden tunes blaring in the background. I’d be elated no doubt, just not sure that my adult bills would get paid.

“I am not a number, I am a free woman” Iron Maiden, ‘The Prisoner’ from The Number of the Beast (just changed to feminine form).

Thoughts anyone?


Roads Untravelled

Concert tee. Skirt, old. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Sneakers, Converse.

Last look from our road trip consisting of all recycled pieces: old Linkin Park concert tee, denim skirt, and Chuck Taylors. I wore this for the initial drive up, we enjoyed a 4 hour drive along picturesque roads and even caught the sunrise on our way up. We weren’t even going to take pictures that morning until we stumbled upon this bridge that was so beautifully adorned with flowers, it was just to pretty to pass up.