Dress Up A Basic Outfit with a Scarf

grey vest with pockets and over the knee boots

And another season of layering is upon us. Layering for warmth provides a great opportunity to play around with different patterns and textures. Take this outfit for example. I kept the colour scheme pretty neutral staying in a grey and white colour palette. Although in its simplicity was quite the mix of textures. A wool vest layered over a basic white ribbed knit worn with white jeans and suede over the knee boots. But texture alone wasn’t quite enough to take the mundane out of this outfit. In this post I’ll show you how to dress up a basic outfit with a scarf. Continue reading “Dress Up A Basic Outfit with a Scarf”

Lace-Up Knit Sweater with a Side of Pretty Floral Details

lace-up knit sweater with chambray maxi skirt

And just like that Fall is in full swing. While I do feel a little bit ripped off because I had to sit out all that summer weather we were having the past few weeks, I can’t deny the beautiful colour palette that autumn has brought with it. This is also the first time that I’m trying to have a positive outlook on Fall because usually this time of year I’m rather grumpy that summer is over. In an effort to stay content while our seasonal temperatures drop I’m turning to cute and feminine pieces as well as playing around with different textures to make Fall more girly and fun.

Continue reading “Lace-Up Knit Sweater with a Side of Pretty Floral Details”

The Perfect Peony Print Tea Dress

topshop peony print tea dress

topshop peony print tea dress

topshop peony print tea dress

The perfect peony print tea dress from Topshop is of course what I had to wear for cherry blossom photos. I’ve become quite fond of floral prints as of late, and really couldn’t resist this gorgeous peony print addition to the bunch. I think that every girl should have a cute tea dress in their closet. They’re so fun and feminine, and most of all, easy to wear. It’s also another one of those pieces that could be styled with heels and flats, depending on the occasion. Continue reading “The Perfect Peony Print Tea Dress”

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag – A Decade in the Making

Free People mini dress with vintage Chanel bag

Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie needs to buy her apartment yet she has no money for a down payment because all her money went on shoes?  Having gotten into luxury buying in my late teens/early twenties, I was no stranger when it came to sacrificing lifestyle in lieu of fashion. I just wasn’t fixated on shoes so much – my weakness was more clothing and of course handbags, with the Chanel classic flap bag tormenting my daydreams far too long. Continue reading “The Chanel Classic Flap Bag – A Decade in the Making”