Transitional Summer to Fall Wardrobe

Transitional Summer to Fall Wardrobe

So here we are. That awkward time of year when it’s chilly in the mornings,  scorching hot during the day, and back to being cool at night. Made even more awkward by the summer to fall back to summer confusion. This time of year makes for a great opportunity to play around with layering, not only to look cute but also to keep up with the random weather changes.

The past few days have just been just beautiful. Oh so hot temperatures that had me digging out the cutoffs I had already stowed away for the season. Skirts and dresses also made an appearance, making it almost hard to believe that just a week prior I was wearing jeans and knit sweaters with the occasional lightweight jacket wondering where summer had gone. Continue reading “Transitional Summer to Fall Wardrobe”

Transitional End of Summer Day to Night Look

Transitional End of Summer Day to Night Look

I really wish there was more summer left over just so that I could wear this romper more. I found it on a recent trip to Dixie Outlet Mall and knew it had to be mine from the time I spotted it on the rack. With the end of summer drawing near, a day to night look becomes more essential to deal with those chilly mornings and evenings. Aside from the warmth factor a day to night look helps transition one from their daily activities to their evening plans without too much required effort. Perfect for people like me who often times have to hustle from the day job to evening activities.  Continue reading “Transitional End of Summer Day to Night Look”

We Are Lost Together

nomadic lifestyle

If we’re not in the city, chances are we’re out galavanting a few hours north of the city. Chasing sunsets at dusk, stargazing at night, exploring trails and even at times catching the sunrise. If you had asked me a mere 5 years ago if I’d ever be doing this as part of a lifestyle – or even so much as exceeding the boundaries of Toronto, I’d look at you funny and probably make a face. But lo and behold here I am, forever changed by the experiences I’ve become accustomed to as a result of meeting the man I love. Now I actually yearn for the days when I can get out of the city and as far away from civilization as possible. Sometimes we just can’t seem to get away far enough with the ever growing GTA boundaries. We like to wander. And we like to get lost. In nature.

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Distressed High Waisted Jeans

Guess 80's distressed high waisted jeans As I write this I catch a glimpse through the window to see yet another looming grey cloud approaching. I’m not sure I can recall a summer where we’ve seen so much rain. Not that I’m complaining. But it has impacted my outfit choices most certainly. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is get all dolled up when it’s wet and dreary out. As a result I find myself wearing a lot of jeans this summer. Especially ripped jeans with a distressed hem. I’ve amassed three pairs this season and find them in constant rotation.

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Summer Beach Ready Essentials

beach ready essentials with Dixie Outlet Mall

The weekend is almost here which means time for beach hangouts! And beach wear! I’ve partnered up with Dixie Outlet Mall as an ambassador and am excited to share any deals and discount opportunities I find with you. Whether you’re looking to hit poolsides or beaches I’ve got ya covered with beach ready essentials that I picked up from Dixie. For anyone who may not be familiar, Dixie is an outlet mall located just 20 minutes west of Toronto. Continue reading “Summer Beach Ready Essentials”