July 31, 2015


 Jacket, Old Navy. Cutoffs, Hollister. Top, gifted. Hat, Olive & Pique (here). Moccasins, SoftMoc. Bag, TNA (Aritzia). Jewelry, Child of Wild. Sunnies, Foster Grant (Rexall).

Leaving the cottage is always sad for us, we stayed up for a whole week this time which was a really nice getaway from reality. We snapped these pics on our way home, we had initially found the most beautiful road with a canopy of trees above it, but the deer flies were so bad that we couldn't even roll down a window, let alone get out of the car. So we shot these a little closer to home where it was safer to venture outside. This week totally flew by for me and now another weekend is upon us, got any plans?

Wishing you a fab weekend! xo

July 28, 2015

Bohemian Rhapsody

Child of Wild Antalya Coin Collar

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top

Nasty Gal One Teaspoon Eagle Shadows Cutout Bikini Top
Bikini top, One Teaspoon (Nasty Gal). Mesh top, Smart Set (old). Hat, (here). Jewelry, Child of Wild. Sunnies, Foster Grant (Rexall).

From last week when we were still up North. Spent the day lounging in this Nasty Gal/One Teaspoon cutout bikini top with cutoffs (because the weather has just been perfect) which quickly turned into the weekend uniform due to the heat. For going out later that evening, I swapped the cutoffs for a thigh high slit maxi skirt and mesh top. It was just too hot to wear anything else. Being out in the wild surrounded by nature all day inspired me to play around with some flash tattoos earlier.

On a side note, wearing this outfit was a bit nostalgic...in my early high school days slitted skirts and black floppy hats were my uniform.

Hope you have a fab day!

July 23, 2015

Gingham Style

Top, Garage. Skirt, vintage. Flats, Chinese Laundry. Bag, Chocolate. All silver, Child of Wild. Ring, Samantha Wills. Sunnies, Lulus.

From last week wearing a vintage navy blue gingham skirt, styled with a lace back navy top and white ballet flats for an afternoon stroll. Threw in some leopard detailing for a little bit of pattern mixing to spice things up a bit. Sorry for the lack of posts lately but we've been enjoying our summers a bit much now that warm weather finally hit up here, and keeping the blog up to date has been a bit challenging. Check out my Instagram if you'd like to keep up in real time.


July 19, 2015

Moving to Bohemia

Tank, DIY (here). Skirt, Asos. Sunnies, Foster Grant. Jewlery, Child of Wild.

From earlier this week; spent the day lounging around in a jersey maxi skirt and bralette. Changed into this DIY fringed tank when we had to go into civilization. If you'd like to check out the tutorial head over to my last post.


July 15, 2015

DIY Fringe Top

I was feeling a little creative at the cottage today and so I attempted my first DIY project on an old tank I had brought up with me. Or maybe it was just because we left in such a hurry and I wasn't satisfied with my choice of tops that I decided to create something. Either way, it only took about 15 mins to transform my basic tank into a fringe top. If you're feeling up to it, grab a cooler and give it a shot. I promise you'll be done by the time you take down your drink :)

What you will need:

Try your top of choice on first to determine the highest point you want your fringe to start at. I chose 6", but feel free to customize per your liking.

Lay your top on a flat surface, flatten out any creases/bumps, especially along the bottom where you will be cutting.

Measure 6" up from the bottom, at the centre of your top, and along both sides, marking them lightly with your fabric crayon.

Using your side markings, measure 1" lower and mark this spot on both sides. Now place your tape measure diagonally from the centre mark to the lower side marking and trace this lightly as well. This will serve as your cutting guideline. Repeat on the other side. (For a more dramatic effect, drop your lowest point by 2" instead of 1".)

Repeat same steps on the back side. Tip: Don't press down too hard on your fabric crayon, instead use short and light strokes; just enough to leave a guideline for yourself (mine is so faint you can barely see it in the photo).

Now that you've marked all cutting lines, flip your top back over and place your tape measure directly overtop the centered/highest marking. I like to cut my fringes a little thicker, that way they don't get too skinny once the fabric starts coiling around itself. I use the tape measure as my cutting gauge (freestyle cutting), but feel free to draw these lines out at any thickness you wish, if this makes it easier for you.

Holding the measuring tape firmly down with one hand, snip up to your marked line along both sides of the measuring tape. Be careful to slip your scissors in between the top layer of fabric only, or you may accidentally cut through the back of your top.


Continue cutting fringe pieces in long strokes along the bottom, until you have created a fringe around the whole top.

 Take the two most centre fringe pieces and tie them together tightly. Continue working your way around until you complete the rest of the top.

And voila, you're done. Style as you wish.

I would love to hear what you thought of my first DIY post, kindly let me know any feedback/suggestions.