October 19, 2016

70's Fall Style

Top, old (similar here). Vest, bebe (old). Skirt, Zara. Bag, Sole Society (Nordstrom). Boots, Very Volatile (Nordstrom). Ring, Samantha Wills.

Was feelin' that 70's vibe again so I got my inner hippie out with these bell sleeves and button front denim skirt. Added a woolly knit vest because it just seemed right, being Autumn and all. I feel I should point out that these cowboy booties and saddle bag have been on repeat lately. I'm not sure that I own more comfortable shoes than these booties at the moment which is I've been wearing them so much as I wore out my everyday flats. Both pairs. And have not found a comparable replacement yet.


October 16, 2016


Knit, Hollister. Skirt, old. Boots, Dollhouse. Bag c/o Pinkstix. 

It's always nice when a piece you like is still trending a few seasons later. I was getting ready to retire these booties yet I couldn't help but notice that ankle boots with buckles are everywhere this Fall season. So I'm going to keep wearing them. At the time when I bought them, booties were just starting to come out and ones with buckles were exceptionally scarce but being a rocker kinda girl I just couldn't resist their edgy look. And so here we are a few seasons later. Plus they match my new crossbody bag perfectly so I lucked out.

When looking for a garment to carry forward into future seasons or to stow away for vintage later go for a quality made garment so that it upholds better for future use. And most importantly take good care of your pieces by paying attention to the care labels when washing; cleaning and protecting your leathers, etc. Another thing is that nowadays a lot of garments are made from synthetic materials and these may not always give you longevity. Knits can be tricky but I wrote a post about how to care for them, you can check it out here.


October 13, 2016

Long Sleeves

Sweater (similar here). Leggings, Dex Clothing. Boots, Very Volatile (Nordstrom). Bag, Louis Vuitton. Sunnies, Gucci.

Shhh...I'll tell you a little secret....this sweater has been around for a while...so long that I should probably be referring to it as a vintage knit. Which leads me to one of the biggest fashion related lessons I have learned over the years, and that is not to throw away (and by throw away I mean donate) trendy pieces after they go out of style. Many iterations of closet cleanings over the years have resulted in feelings of regret as articles of clothing that I previously tossed away (with repeated reassurances that it will never be trending again) comes back into style. Alas, fashion always repeats itself and having learned this lesson the hard way, I started to stow away some of my most cherished trending pieces after they are no longer in style, only to revive them years later when the same trend resurfaces - which inevitably will happen.

The reason I like doing this is not to avoid repurchasing new pieces, but rather to have a unique (and vintage) version of what's current. Not only does this reduce the amount of trending pieces you need to purchase that season, but it also gives you a unique sense of style that you won't find anywhere else. I find I always get the most compliments on what I'm wearing whenever I revive older pieces vs wearing the latest and greatest Forever 21 equivalent. Which to be honest, is a little bit annoying as who doesn't want a compliment on something they just bought vs digging out an old piece!? Has this ever happened to you?? Moral of the story is, I'm not saying to be a pack rat, but take caution when purging your closet, and if you really love something that is no longer on trend, hang on to it, you may find yourself wearing it a few years down the road and loving the fact that you have a vintage version of the current trend. Case in point this sweater's revival for the off the shoulder and long sleeves trend.


October 10, 2016


Knit, Winners. Top, Aeropostale. Skirt, Zara. Scarf, Anne Klein. Bag c/o Pinkstix. Boots, Dollhouse. Sunnies, Celine.

Sometimes blog posts have no exciting story to go with them, and this would be one of them. Really nothing of note here other than it's been a while since I've worn this button front denim skirt, and thought it would go well with this lavender top (that now matches my hair) for an outing to grab some pumpkin spiced lattes with my boo. Hope y'all had a great weekend, did you get up to anything exciting?


October 7, 2016

10 Ways to Style a Fur Stole

The fur stole is around for another season and is one of Fall's hottest accessories. Personally, I couldn't be happier as I do enjoy these furry (faux of course) accessories and have come up with 10 different ways in which you can style your fur stole, some including other fun accessories like a brooch and even layered over a blanket scarf. 

Hope you enjoyed my post on different ways to style a fur stole. Do you have a different way of wearing yours? Please share in the comments section.

Happy styling!