May 23, 2015


Dress, Lush. Jacket, Coco & Tashi (Winners). Purse, Rebecca Minkoff. Coin Collar, Child of Wild. Sunnies, Celine. 
Ring, Samantha Wills. 

Wore this last weekend for running errands and Indian food. I realize that I am abusing this coin collar, but I love it so much that I just don't care.

Happy weekend!

May 19, 2015

Denim ShirtDress

Dress, vintage. Heels, Dolce Vita (here). Purse, Rebecca Minkoff. Sunnies, Celine. Rings, Samantha Wills.

Been waiting so long to wear this outfit but it was dependent on two things: the shoes arriving, and warm weather. Both dependencies sorted themselves out last week, and this was the result.


May 15, 2015


Tona Pai Nostalgia Handmade Bag

Tona Pai Nostalgia Handmade Bag

Tona Pai Nostalgia Handmade Bag

Tona Pai Nostalgia Handmade Bag

Solitaire by Khosla crochet dress and Antalya Child of Wild Coin Collar

Solitaire by Khosla crochet dress

Solitaire by Khosla Crochet Dress
Dress, Solitaire by Khosla (Winners). Bag, c/o Tona Pai. Collar and bangle, Child of Wild. Rings, Samantha Wills.

I am very pleased to present to you a collaboration many months in the making with incredible handmade bag designer, Tona Pai. Tona Pai's concept is that every woman is unique, and as such, they make their products accordingly. Each creation is made by hand using tradiitonal methods, with a special added feminine touch. Although Tona Pai had many styles to chose from, this mint romantic print with beautifully crafted fringe detailing catpured the true essence of my style. The fringe detail of the bag inspired the outfit: a crochet dress and boho jewelry for that bohemian chic vibe. There are many more beautiful styles to chose from, head over to to capture the unique essence of your own spirit!

Happy Weekend xo

May 11, 2015

Beyond Magnetic

Samantha Wills bohemian bardot lapis ring

Samantha Wills bohemian bardot lapis ring

Samantha Wills Midnight Skies lapis bracelet
Top, concert tee. Skirt, Joe Fresh. Shoes, Dolce Vita (here). Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana. Clutch, Dior. Spiked collar, Nasty Gal
Jewelry, Samantha Wills.

Wearing hands down one of my favourite concert tees with a completely contrasting delicate pleated midi skirt. Peach has never been a dominant colour in my wardrobe, however with its popularity this season, it was hard to resist adding another item in this pretty hue. Due to the simplicty of both pieces I decided to incorporate some statement accessories, like these Dolce Vita Tessah Black Leather Lace-Up Heels and bold lapis jewelry from Samantha Wills.

Wishing you a great week ahead! xo

May 6, 2015

Floral Flounce

Top, Garage. Culottes, J Lo. Pumps, Aldo. Sunnies, Celine. Jewelry, Samantha Wills.

Wore this floral print flounce top with culottes to work the other day. For the first time in a really long while I didn't find it necessary to change afterwards, and so it served its purpose for sushi later that evening. Based on some of the comments I get, I know I'm not the only one who sacrifices personal style in an effort to conform to a work environment. Personally, the sight of a dress shirt/pant combo make me cringe, although I have seen some who look incredible in just that. Any thoughts to share on how you balance your personal style with work?