June 27, 2016

Baroque Florals

Top, bebe. Skirt, RW&Co. Purse, (Forever 21) c/o Value Village. Flats, Zara. Sunnies, Gucci. 

One trend I am really enjoying this summer is pairing a crop top with a full skirt or high-waisted pants. It's a great way to reveal a little bit of skin while keepin' it classy. Now don't get me wrong, every outfit has it's occasion and there's nothing wrong with baring it all in the right setting. But for a dinner date night this outfit had me feeling trendy without showing off too much skin. 

Now, the skirt. When I saw it I was immediately drawn to the print as I hadn't seen a floral print quite as exquisite as this in a while. I must mention that this skirt was spotted during a thrifting session and it was a tad bit too big, but at $7.49 this skirt was coming home with me no matter what. Typically I would have worn it with a white or black top but decided to be a bit adventurous for myself (as I tend to prefer sticking to monochromatic dark hues) and paired it with a bright pink fuschia top that I've had for ages. 

What about you, what are some gems you've found while thrifting?

June 25, 2016


Dress, vintage. Sunnies, Celine. Clutch, Lulus. Flats, Zara.

Wearing a 1920's style vintage dress with lace up flats. On lazy days, I tend to throw on a dresses. The most difficult part about getting this look together was lacing up my ballet flats. What do you wear when you just don't feel like getting dressed?


June 22, 2016

Reusable Threads Part II

Top, (Aeropostale), Skirt, (Alfred Sung), Cardigan (Hollister), Purse (Forever 21) c/o Value Village. Flats, Zara. Sunnies, Gucci. 
Ring, Samantha Wills.

I had the pleasure of challenging a $50 budget at Value Village earlier this month during the opening of their new store in Pickering. This is the second look I was able to score, all collectively under my $50 budget. This entire look focused around the navy blue skirt that I found first which I paired with a lavender top and striped cardigan. While I'm loving the combo, each piece alone will give me versatility with other coordinates as well. I've already worn the cardigan twice more, it compliments a pair of blue jeans really well with a white tank underneath.

Not only did I enjoy thrifting through the countless garments (which were extremely well organized) but I also felt good about the fact that I helped to redirect some really awesome clothes from the landfill. Value Village is on a mission to help the world by re-using items which I wrote about in my earlier post (here) but what I didn't expect is that the good deeds don't stop there. In particular, the Pickering store is celebrating their partnership with the Clothesline program and the Canadian Diabetes Association. This partnership means that Value Village pays to support people with diabetes whenever goods are donated at the store's on-site Community Donation Centre or picked up from your home by the Clothesline program - even if some of the items don't make it to the sales floor. Whenever members of the Pickering community donate used articles of clothing (or housewares) they are not only giving their goods a second life, they are turning those goods into a sustainable source of funding for the CDA helping to support summer and family camps for more than 2,400 children and youths with type 1 diabetes allowing them to meet other kids and inspire eachother to learn how to manage with their diabetes in a medically supervised setting as well as provide funding for treatments and a cure.


June 14, 2016

Reusable Threads

Top, Skirt (Banana Republic), Bag (Forever 21), Scarf c/o Value Village. Shoes, Zara. 

I enjoy thrifting every now and then...when I'm looking for something unique (or when on a limited budget) so when Value Village challenged me to see how far I could stretch $50 at a thrift store like theirs, I was up for the task!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Value Village, their mission is to create a better world by re-using items instead of throwing them in the trash. Through their commitment to sustainability, Value Village has become one of the most largest recyclers of used goods in the world, keeping more than 650 million pounds of reusable items from landfills each year. There are more than 100,000 items on the floor at any time, carrying everything from clothing to accessories, even housewares and electronics. The store itself was very well organized and it was easy to find whatever you were looking for, racks were fully stocked and about 10,000 items are placed on the floor daily.

Initially I was on a mission to find 1 entire outfit within budget, but as I got into it I just kept finding cute item upon item (all at super affordable price points that were budget friendly), until next thing I knew, my rolling basket was overflowing with garments. In the end, I was able to score not only 1 full look (excluding shoes), but 2! The first look as seen here, consists of a Banana Republic skirt with a nameless top that's got some wicked back crochet detail. I picked up a white Forever 21 quilted purse with gold detailing and studs, and a scarf to complete the look; some great summer staples that I'll be able to mix with other pieces down the road as well.

Not only was this whole experience fun, but it left me feeling good that I was able to not only help the environment but also to a cause that is specific to the Pickering Value Village store (more on this on the next post). And speaking of which, stay tuned to see the second look I was able to create all under my $50 budget.


This post was created in collaboration with Value Village.

June 10, 2016

Into the Blue

 Dress, bebe. Jacket, Old Navy. Shoes, Zara. Purse, Lulus. Ring, Samantha Wills.

Here is the story of this blue dress. I bought this dress eons ago when I worked at bebe, with the intention of wearing it for my birthday that year. It wasn't only the bold azure blue colour that attracted me to it as soon as I saw it on the poster (before the dress even came in the store), but mostly I adored the modern Grecian style. I never did get a chance to wear it that year, and this dress sat dormant in my closet for about a decade. I wore it out once for a date with my boo a few years ago and then back in the closet it went...until finally last week I remembered it and had the chance to wear it for my birthday. If I had to say, it's been about 13 years since the intended purpose of the dress was served, and it couldn't have been on a more perfect night. Sometimes, things are worth the wait.