Running Around Town in Blue Suede Loafers

Bench Don't Walk Fly Cardigan with 7 For All Mankind Raw Hem Jeans

When it comes to running errands, there are times when I like to do so fashionably. This was one of those times. Reason for wanting to dress decently was pre-determined by the need to stop for dinner along the way. But at the same time the outfit needed to be comfortable enough for the errands. Jeans are usually my go to’s for just that and lately I find myself wearing mostly 7 For All Mankind because they are seriously comfortable.

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Lace-Up Knit Sweater with a Side of Pretty Floral Details

lace-up knit sweater with chambray maxi skirt

And just like that Fall is in full swing. While I do feel a little bit ripped off because I had to sit out all that summer weather we were having the past few weeks, I can’t deny the beautiful colour palette that autumn has brought with it. This is also the first time that I’m trying to have a positive outlook on Fall because usually this time of year I’m rather grumpy that summer is over. In an effort to stay content while our seasonal temperatures drop I’m turning to cute and feminine pieces as well as playing around with different textures to make Fall more girly and fun.

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Feminine Fall Style

feminine fall style

For the first time ever, I’m actually getting a bit excited for Fall. Now I know many of you adore this season, but you have to understand that me and Fall haven’t ever been friends. But with every blush pink addition to my Fall wardrobe I have to admit this Autumn season ain’t looking that bad. Now mind you, I’ll probably take all of this back the minute it gets cold enough to warrant wearing a jacket and scarf outside, but until then, I’m going to try and enjoy it. Continue reading “Feminine Fall Style”

Fall Vibes and Halloween Makeup Inspo

Fall Vibes with Nest Fragrances

October. The month of Thanksgiving (for us Canadians) and of course Halloween. To be perfectly honest with you, both holidays that historically I’ve never really celebrated. With a European background I was more used to celebrating Día de los Muertos, or All Saints Day which falls on November 1st, and we never really had a Thanksgiving either. Growing up of course as a kid here in Toronto we did the Halloween thing, and over the years we’ve come to embrace the Thanksgiving holiday as it truly is a wonderful time to get together with loved ones and reflect what we’re thankful for.

So I have to admit that this October is a bit exciting, not only with all the PSL and pumpkin spiced baked goods I’ve consumed so far, but also with some Fall decor and Halloween makeup that I’ve been playing around with. So have a read on for all kinds of October goodies that you need to know about.

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Flying Into Fall With This Pink Cardigan

Bench Don't Walk Fly

Don’t Walk, Fly.

Every time I wear this pink cardigan from Bench I get asked what the Don’t Walk Fly on the patch means. At first my response was, I don’t know, I didn’t buy it for the patch, I just really liked the pink sweater. But after having someone outright ask if the verbiage was intended to encourage drug use, I had to step back for a moment and think about this – as annoyed by the comment as I was. First off, no reputable brand and clothing designer would put language on their clothing intended to encourage drug use, and even the suggestion was absurd. So then I had to really think hard on it, because apparently this patch was a big deal to everybody who had to ask me what it meant. Continue reading “Flying Into Fall With This Pink Cardigan”