Blackened Yellow

Jacket, Miss London from Winners. Dress, Winners. Shoes, Kelsi Dagger from Net A La Mode. Necklace, vintage.

As I am typing this I realize that there is a black and yellow trend between the last two posts…at least this isn’t a casual look or else I’d be in trouble by my own standards. I found this dress sitting pretty and all alone on a Winners rack once upon a time ago and debuted it to a wedding recently. I do own another all black cocktail dress that is almost an exact replica of this one, however I really dug the print on this one. The yellow satin sash enhances the lovely hourglass silhouette oh so well and that was enough to justify the redundant cocktail dress purchase.

Have a wonderful day – and thank you for reading! xo

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11 Replies to “Blackened Yellow”

  1. A very beautiful dress, indeed, and you look very beautiful – I also loved the shoes and jacket! I think all is very well combined. I like matching black and yellow! denisesplanet com

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