Enter The 36 Chambers

Crop, Forever XXI. Cardigan, Skirt, H&M. Heels, Zara. Shades, Ray Ban.

I had a few minutes to kill so I headed over to Forever 21 in an attempt to pick up another flannel shirt when I randomly spotted this one, may I emphasize one, Wu-Tang crop top laying nearby fallen off a hanger. I didn’t know where this top came from, nor was I able to find more, but back in the day Wu-Tang was it for me so it didn’t even matter that this top was 2 sizes too big. Overwhelmed by my feelings of nostalgia, I couldn’t help but dig out a pair of bamboo hoops that had accompanied the music.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

24 Replies to “Enter The 36 Chambers”

  1. Ooh, I love when I find treasures at Forever 21! The crop top is so fun. I'm really loving the sparkly heels though! They're the perfect amount of glam for the outfit : )


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