DIY Succulent on Pink Rocks

I’ve always had a thing for succulents, unfortunately “that thing” always ends with me inadvertently killing off the poor thing. I recently picked up another one and decided to pretty it up a little bit in the hopes that maybe it will help me keep it alive. I’ve always liked succulents on a bed of pink rocks so I tried my own version with a spare glass vase I had laying around. And the best part of all this? No soil or re-potting required.

 What you will need:


First thing you should do is make sure that the glass vase/container you plan on using is slightly larger than the pot with wiggle room along all sides.

Add a layer of pebbles along the bottom of your glass, enough to cover the entire bottom. I chose pink pebbles, but this can be suited to your decor theme.

your potted succulent on this new bed of pebbles in such a way that the pot sits lower than the edge of the glass. If you can’t get the pot low enough you may need to remove some pebbles from the bottom layer of pebbles.

Once you’ve placed your succulent in the glass, start dropping the pebbles around it. I started with the edges and eventually made my way around the entire pot. This part did require a little bit of patience. 

After your sides are done cover the top of the succulent and pot as well. Fill in any gaps and try to keep the pebbles somewhat
tightly together so that the pot does not peak through any side of the glass.

This is what my succulent turned out like. PS If anyone has tips or advice on how to keep these things alive,
please let me know. I’ve killed my fair share of cacti (I will argue with
anyone that says it’s impossible to kill cacti) so if you have any
suggestions on caring for them they will be much appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed this one.


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  1. They are so beautiful and you taught how to keep them, but I am afraid of plants… I mean, I am planting some now, but in the past nothing really survived… I guess I put to much water, but I thought they liked!

  2. Oh this is so cute, though I always worry I am going to kill them. I had an aloe vera plant with was fine indoors in the winter on top of the fridge where it is hot. But I put it outside in the summer and it died. Maybe it is too humid and wet in NY.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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