Tribal on Graffiti

Top, Ripe (Winners). Culottes, Victoria’s Secret. Bracelet, Necklace, The Bay. Sunnies, (here). Bag, Coach.

Wearing a tribal print cropped top donated to the blog cause courtesy of my mom. Worn with an old pair of white culottes and strappy shoes. Ever since I can remember, me and my mom would exchange clothes, sometimes she would drop by my closet and scan through the garments to see what she could pick out to wear. Although lately I have to admit it has been a bit one-sided in my favour. What’s really neat about these pictures is that my boyfriend and I ended up randomly meeting up with my parents downtown the day we took these photos so my mom got to see her tribal print top in action. Do any of you ever exchange clothes with your mom or siblings?

Happy Weekend!

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15 Replies to “Tribal on Graffiti”

  1. I loved your top and the culottes, and also the sandals — well, I like your outfits! I don't have sisters and my mom and I have very different styles, so very few times I picked something from her – a sweater and two pairs of shoes – and as far as I remember, she only picked one necklace from me. So it's nice to know that you and your mom share some pieces, this is lovely! Hope you have a great week!

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