Morning Dreamer

Top, (Lulus). Cardi, Smart Set (old). Leggings, Dex. Booties, Dollhouse (here). Purse, Rebecca Minkoff. Necklace c/o Mirina Collections. Sunnies, Ray Ban.

Our weekend ritual involves crawling out of bed to grab a coffee and heading out to one of our nature spots to unwind for a bit before starting out the day. We are drawn to the peaceful surroundings of the forest and nothing beats starting the day off taking it all in over coffee. There have been times where we’ve wandered in for hours and just enjoyed the stillness that surrounds us. I’ll usually throw on something easy and fast (as the brain is still usually asleep at this point) like a pair of these vegan leather leggings, a plaid top and overcoat. I added a statement necklace because I thought the look without it was sort of drab and at times we’ll go straight to running errands from here and I’d like to look somewhat human in the process.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead! xo

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