Pink Martini City Girl Shoe
Pink Martini City Girl Shoe
Pink Martini City Girl Shoe
Pink Martini City Girl ShoeTank, Gentle Fawn. Jeans, (here). Shoes, Pink Martini. Clutch, Louis Vuitton. Sunnies, Gucci.

One of those brief moments in time when the sun was out and temperatures reached double digits in an otherwise colder month. Wearing a Gentle Fawn tank with lace detailing over white cropped jeans. I wore this with heels because I’m really short and cropped pants tend to look better with height so I opted for this chunky heel from Pink Martini to gain a couple of inches. When shopping for a pair of cropped pants they should sit above your ankles.


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  1. Back to the blogosphere after some jet lag, now settled and reading the posts more often 🙂 So good to see that the weather is good! Loved your top with white pants and the heels are amazing! I like chunky heels, they are comfortable! You look beautiful, as usual! Hope you have a nice weekend!

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