Pink Details + Effective Time Management for Bloggers

Pinkstix floral scarf and pink bag

I can’t believe we are in the last few weeks of August already. Seriously, where has all the time flown by? As someone who struggles with time management I finally thought I was getting things under control until the calendar told me otherwise. The last few weeks have been a blur of day and blogger job colliding as I’ve tried to get caught up on household chores, projects and regain control over my blogosphere. It seems like just the other day I walked into Zara and picked up this outfit to wear with my floral headscarf and matching fuschia Pinkstix bag.  But in truth, weeks have gone by. Weeks that went by in the blink of an eye.

Pink Pinkstix bag and floral headscarf with ripped jeans

With the laziness of summer slowly starting to fade away I’m looking forward to making some improvements in my lifestyle to make Fall more blog productive. One of my biggest struggles (aside from finding time) has been staying focused on tasks. While I’ve finally managed to carve out some additional time for blogging I found I still wasn’t really getting things done. As someone who is easily distracted on my days off, establishing a “blog work” routine became crucial. While I typically have an idea of what I’ll be working on I tend to veer off unless I have a schedule to keep me in check on what to work on, and how much time to spend on it.

Pinkstix bag with pink floral scarf, corset top and ripped jeans

Ripped Zara jeans with studded flats

Being organized works wonders! Whenever I lack focus or don’t put a preemptive list together, that day ends up being a bust. I’ll sleep in, take forever to make breakfast, get lost on Instagram and by the time I actually get to working it’s well after noon. But if I start the day knowing I have a full list of activities set out for the day, something about that keeps me to it.

When I have a lot to get done in a day I’ll take it a step further and assign time slots for pending activities. For instance:

8:00 – 9:00 am: Respond to emails / correspondence
9:00 – 9:30 am: Tea / coffee time and Instagram / social catch up (yes, I allocate this into the schedule)
9:30 – 10:00 am: Promote content
10:00 – 12:00 am: Edit photos + draft blog posts
1:00 – 4:00 pm: Photography and project work

Pink Pinkstix bag and floral headscarf with corset top and ripped jeans

I’ll be honest, I don’t stick to this 100% of the time as all it takes is me seeing a small heap of clothes to start doing the laundry. But for the most part I do try to stick to a schedule to keep me on track. I also find I am a lot more productive when sticking to said schedule.

Pinkstix bag with pink floral headscarf and corset top

Another thing that has helped me to focus on blog task completion was toning down my to-do list. My to-do list was growing faster than I could cross things off, so I prioritized my top 3-5 tasks and shelved the rest. Doing so will keep your attention limited to the 3-5 things you have jotted down on a new list instead of constantly being overwhelmed by everything else. Keep prioritizing by importance or deadlines and you’ll find yourself getting through that daunting to do list. You’ll also feel a better sense of accomplishment when you actually see things being crossed off the list instead of being added on.

When most people ask about my blog they think it’s all fun and games and they do not realize the hours (and hours) of work that goes on behind the scenes. Most of you fellow bloggers balance a full time job (like me) and juggle all the blog work in between, making efficient time management for bloggers essential to staying sane in today’s fast-paced society.

As I work to improve my own routine in an effort to post more regularly to the blog again (as well as keep up with everything else), I hope you find my insight useful. Likewise, I would love to hear what tips and strategies you may have on staying focused as well as effective time management for bloggers.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead! xo

Pinkstix pink floral scarf and bag with corset top and ripped jeans   Top, Jeans, Shoes, Zara. Scarf, Bag, jewelry c/o Pinkstix

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  1. Thank you for the amazing tips, there is nothing as important as time managment.
    Most of all for us Bloggers, when you go to School and study AND have a Job in the same time.
    Your look is amazing, perfect for summer. Love the combination.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

    1. I agree it can be a struggle at times, and I cannot even imagine having school on top of all this as well! Glad you found the tips useful, hopefully they help out! xoxo

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