A Girly Way to Wear Timberland Boots

cold shoulder blouse with camo jeans and gucci sunnies

If there’s one thing that’s been consistent with my style since (dare I say it, high school), it’s been Timberlands. I’ve always loved classic Timbs. Although nowadays I’ll wear them in a slightly more feminine way. Back in the day I would have worn them with baggy camo pants but now I’m more into a girly way to wear Timberland boots. Note how I haven’t had to sacrificed the camo pant thanks to this lovely pair of Mavi camouflage jeans.

cold shoulder blouse with camo jeans and Timberland boots

cold shoulder blouse with mavi camo jeans

cold shoulder blouse with mavi camo jeans

Timberland boots are fairly masculine and pair best  with jeans and pants. To offset their masculinity you need a feminine top and girly accessories. If going for girly casual then a turtleneck or chunky knit will do, but why not opt for a dainty blouse to bring it next level. This masculine/feminine juxtaposition is one of my faves hence why I chose a cold shoulder sheerlike blouse with ruffles – doesn’t get much more girly than that.

cold shoulder blouse with camo jans

cold shoulder top with camo jeans

cold shoulder top with camo jeans and timberland boots

Another casually girly way to wear Timberland boots would be with a chunky knit cardigan and lace top. This would make a cute look as the lace offsets the boyish Timberlands. The easiest way to rock this look is to match a masculine type bottom and add a very feminine top. If the girly thing isn’t for you, then by all means you can go full out baggy pants and a crisp white tee. That would make for a cute look too.

cold shoulder blouse with Mavi camo jeans and Timberland bootsTop, Zara. Pants, Camo jeans, Mavi Jeans (Jean Machine). Boots, Timberland. Sunnies, Gucci.

Timbs were made for fall and winter so I’m looking forward to getting more wear out of mine. As well as these camo pants. But what about you, will you be rocking any of these two trends this season? Let me know in the comments.


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