Crossfire Cutouts

Dress, Nasty Gal (similar here). Bag, Marc Jacobs. Sneakers, Converse. Watch, Esquire.

If this dress could talk, it would tell that it has been neglected. I have a very bad habit of buying something new (typically unique pieces) and then shoving it in my closet more as a collection piece, and not wearing it until quite some time after (although in this case I will choose to blame the ridiculously long winter we had instead). I adore the cutouts in this dress so much! At first I was worried that it was too formal for every day wear, however a pair of Chucks seemed to resolved the issue.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!

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  1. That dress shoul definitely be worn more often 🙂

    r: Thanks Agnes 🙂

    No, it means that I graduated in law, but I decided not to be a lwayer. So I deal with contracts and every legal issue here in our company 🙂


  2. I think I do the same… something new comes and then I neglect very nice pieces… I am glad you rediscovered this dress, it's so cool! And so well style with sneakers! I am so much in love with stylish pieces with sneakers instead of the usual skyscraper heels! You look beautiful!

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