Roads Untravelled

Concert tee. Skirt, old. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Sneakers, Converse.

Last look from our road trip consisting of all recycled pieces: old Linkin Park concert tee, denim skirt, and Chuck Taylors. I wore this for the initial drive up, we enjoyed a 4 hour drive along picturesque roads and even caught the sunrise on our way up. We weren’t even going to take pictures that morning until we stumbled upon this bridge that was so beautifully adorned with flowers, it was just to pretty to pass up.


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  1. True, this bridge with flowers is amazing! I liked the T-shirt with the Linkin Park print and the skirt! The outfit with the sneakers is so sweet, I really loved it! You look super beautiful and relaxed, even though on a road trip, and this is really great!

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