Faux fur coat, H&M (old). Knit, Garage. Jeans, Flats, Zara. Clutch, c/o Pinkstix. Sunnies, Foster Grant. Ring, Samantha Wills.

Wearing a (what I will call vintage) faux fur H&M coat, with skinny jeans and lace up flats, overtop a crochet crop layered on a long sleeve tee. I’ve had this coat for a very long time and only worn it a handful of times, but it’s a piece I’ve come to enjoy more over the years. Having learned the very hard way (and having lost some great vintage pieces along the way) that everything comes back into style, I make it a habit to keep pieces and re-introduce them into my wardrobe when the time calls for it. One of the things I like about doing so is the uniqueness of your garment against other mass produced items of their time while still representing the season’s most coveted feature in your own unique way. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing said items (like say a faux fur coat or even OTK boots) is to capture the unique trend without going overboard, this will make your piece a timeless classic.

We took these photos after running errands downtown then stopping in for cappuccino at Liberty Village thanks to the Ritual app which kept us on schedule. Bypass the lineup with this little beauty and get straight to your coffee (or other treats as ordered) when you walk in. Have a look see for yourself what cute little coffee shops and fun places to eat at participate in the ritual. Click here to get $10 in credits to try Ritual for yourself. (Good for the downtown Toronto area). Enjoy!

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  1. This coat is so beautiful! I actually love vintage, and I loved your coat and outfit! As usual, you look chic and beautiful and the background seems great – your city is amazing, in fact!

  2. Oh I know what you mean, years ago about a decade ago I bought some wide legged/flared/bell bottom jeans when I was living in Seattle when of the first times they tried to step away from skinny jeans but it did not catch on. I took them with when I moved to NY but almost got rid of them a few years ago but decided against it and so glad I did. Because they are in again!

    You look great in this coat btw and good thing you kept it.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

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