Vintage Tweed

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So we took these photos literally three days ago on Friday, and here we are Monday morning, everything is covered in snow! I’d glady teleport back to Friday, no only to do the whole weekend over again, but moreso to enjoy the double digit weather we had. Incredible how we can go from pre-summer temperature to snow in just 2 days –  welcome to the bipolar climate that we know as Toronto/GTA weather. As much as I’m not looking forward to the winter weather, on the bright side of things this vintage coat is pretty warm so it may help to make mild winter days less miserable with its bright colour and enveloping warmth. I also should point out that I am wearing two summer dresses here: a sheer lace dress worn over a simple white fitted summer dress. Could you tell?

Have any of you had your first snow fall yet? Are you looking forward to it, or looking for a place to hibernate like me?


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    1. Haha thank you, you made my day with this comment. I know it's tough sometimes to keep up but I am happy to hear that you are motivated to shoot some more looks. I've been really enjoying your latest winter ones, especially with that fur hat! xo

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